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A Division of Hercules LED 

Compare commercial electric and natural gas rates 

What We Do

Hercules Energy is an energy consultant and energy brokerage firm. Our consultants are knowledgeable and have experience in the natural gas and electricity markets. We are confident that not only will we earn your business but we will retain that relationship with you for years to come.


Our team of experts will analyze your current energy bills


We will negotiate the best energy rates on your behalf.


We will provide you with the best options available

Save Even More Monthly By Converting To LED Lighting

On average businesses save 62% on the lighting portion of their energy bill

Commercial Energy Broker

Hercules Energy works with commercial and industrial customers to help them achieve savings on natural gas and electricity costs in any deregulated state. We are independent energy brokers, a factor that sets us apart. Unlike many energy brokers, we have avoided the formal ties that create conflicts of interest or limit a customer's supply options. When you partner with Hercules, you know we have your best interest at heart.


Do You Hate Confusing Energy Supplier Calls?

Most businesses are bombarded with energy calls that can often be confusing. Telemarketers claim they can save you the most money for your commercial gas and electric. Most companies are trying to earn a quick dollar for signing up your services, but never take the time to fully explain what is happening with your electric and natural gas accounts.

Our consultants are very efficient and simple in explaining your utility situation. We listen to the customer to fully understand what product or service your business offers.

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

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