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A Division of Hercules LED 

Compare commercial electric and natural gas rates 

About Hercules Energy

Hercules Energy is an independent energy broker specializing in natural gas and electricity supply. Hercules Energy works with Commercial and Industrial customers to source and manage natural gas and electric contracts and to develop and implement Energy Efficiency Programs.


Hercules is an independently owned and operated broker and aggregator of electricity and natural gas. Because we are independent, we have access to all eligible energy companies. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we customize services to align with your needs—term, service, and price

Our Mission

We want to be your trusted energy consultant for years to come. Not only based on price, but trust and customer experience. If a Hercules Energy customer ever has any doubts about who to go to for their utility service, we believe we failed. 


Hercules Energy has over 25 years of experience in the commercial energy market. We have been established company in the energy efficiency field offering LED conversions to over 1,500 satisfied customers. Over the course of many years in this industry we noticed many of our commercial clients were being taken advantage of on there natural gas and electric supply rates. We have dedicated our time and resources to ensure our clients can save money on every aspect of their commercial energy needs. 

Legal Handshake

We Make It Easy

Our Account Managers and Analysts do all the legwork;

  • Analyze your current energy bills.

  • Negotiate the best rates on your behalf

  • Present you with the best options that make sense for your business


Our unbiased advice is based on years in the energy market, understanding fast-moving market conditions and more importantly - your business risk profile.

Our Suppliers

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